Zverev: “ATP system sucks, Federer passes me without having played a match”


Alexander Zverev is not happy with ATP’s new scoring system, explaining that it would be worthwhile to be in the Top 5, but remains below Roger Federer.

Since last March, when it “froze” the world rankings for 4 months, ATP has implemented various new regulations for the scoring system, in order to protect as much as possible the players of all levels, in the time of the pandemic. A first regularity in the ranking will come in August 2021, when 12 months of continuous activity will pass on the tour, while full regularity is expected to come in August 2022, unless something new changes by then.

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Alexander Zverev, who is based in Acapulco, expressed his dissatisfaction with the changes implemented by ATP.

“Ranking has never been important to me, but especially now with this scoring system I am even less interested. Normally I should be at No. 4 or No. 5 in the world (s.s. is at No. 7 now “, but what we have now is somewhat invalid,” Zverev said in an interview with Fox Sports Mexico.

“I’m the biggest fan of Roger Federer, but he has not played a single tournament all year and he is still above me in the standings! I have played in a Grand Slam final, in a Masters final and I have won 2 tournaments. The current one sucks rating system, that’s why we should not pay special attention to it “, added the 23-year-old German.

Zverev will start tonight his obligations for the Abierto Mexicano in Acapulco, facing the 17-year-old Spaniard, Carlos Alcaraz in the first round.