Tsitsipas: It was a dream to play with Petros


Stefanos Tsitsipas talked about his participation in the Rotterdam double with his brother, Petros, with whom he intends to play in as many tournaments as he can and, as he characteristically said, it is something he would not do for anyone else.

“I wanted to make a fresh start this year and I had the idea to play as many doubles as I could with my brother, Petros. It is a dream I had and I was never able to fulfill it, only a few times in some 250 arias. I want “to seize this opportunity and play together in 250, 500, we also made our Grand Slam debut (in Australia) and it was the best memory I had in my life, it was better than my run in the semifinals,” he said. Tsitsipas in today’s press conference in Rotterdam, referring to his decision to play doubles with his brother, Petros Tsitsipas, after Australia and in the 500m in the Netherlands.

“I personally went to Craig Tiley’s office to tell him how grateful I was that he gave us the opportunity to play and win those wonderful memories. I hope we can do that again, play in other tournaments. I am obviously committed. in my career in singles, but I also want to help my brother, to win something from these doubles matches “, he added.

As for how this decision can affect him in the big tournaments, Stefanos replied: “I would not do this for anyone else, I would only do it for my brother. Our cooperation is evolving into something very exciting for the future. I want to make a team together, exclusively with him, I do not plan to play doubles with someone else.

Asked if he would withdraw from the doubles if he reached the Slam singles and doubles in the second week, he said: “I do not intend to do that if I have signed up. I would only do so if it was a serious injury problem, “If I can get to the second week of a Grand Slam doubles with my brother by my side, it will be the best feeling in the world. It is three times better than sharing it with someone you do not really know.”

For the two paths to the semifinals he made at the Australian Open (2019 and 2021) and the differences that existed this year compared to 2019: “It was different. My path to the semifinals for the first time (in 2019) was very special. It was something I had never felt before, I was in the second week of a Grand Slam last year at Wimbledon, but it is a long, long way from being so consistent and reaching a Grand Slam semifinal, something I dreamed of “This time it was different. I had more experience, which is important in a tournament like this, and I knew exactly what steps I had to take to be able to catch that goal again. The truth is that I did not have a specific goal in the tournament, i watched each game separately.I wanted to win the tournament like the 128 players who participated.It was important for me to take each game separately and in each match to be better than the previous one. “It’s definitely great to play in a semi-final, but I have to unlock the next achievement and be able to play in a Grand Slam final.”

On whether he feels closer to a Grand Slam title now: “Yes and no. Yes, because I have now reached the semi-finals 3 times and this is considered to be close enough, and no, because I have not even achieved it and because I have not passed. this obstacle of the semifinals. “

Regarding his Australian Open quarterfinal match with Rafael Nadal: “After being back with 2 sets, I played 3 very good sets. It is different to face a left-hander than a right-hander, the pace is different, like many others. “But the experience is important and I have had a lot of experience so far on the tour, but I still have a long way to go. I can use this game and become wiser than that.”

On the very strong board of Rotterdam: “Rotterdam is a tournament in which I have not done very well and I want to change that. This year, having more experience, I have the opportunity to play good tennis and do better. “I need to complicate things, just play at the same level I had in Australia. The conditions are different, the pitches are indoors, some adjustments are needed, but I feel good about my game and I have no complaints.”

Finally, about his collaboration with the Tennis Channel, he commented: “As you know, I like to do vlogs and share things from my life on YouTube. It’s a part of myself and I also work hard to get it out, I do editing, I have the ideas for the videos, some may think I have a whole team behind me, but it ‘s not true.I wanted to do something extra on it and then the Tennis Channel approached me and suggested we do something together. All the material I was shooting was exclusive to their platforms and we did a series with a few episodes, giving fans a chance to see more aspects of myself.The common goal of both sides was to share good ideas and stories that will carry him people in beautiful places. “

Stefanos will premiere in Rotterdam singles on Tuesday, at 20:30 Greek time, against Egor Gerasimov.