Dzumhur: “He was not expelled, I left alone”


A very special incident unfolded in Damir Dzumhur’s match with Botic van de Zandschulp for the Abierto Mexicano qualifiers. After two code violations and a point penalty, the Bosnian fired threats at the referee, which he denied, eventually leaving the court.

Dzumhur could not control his nerves at all and after a crucial point, in which he considered that he was wronged, he made many complaints to the referee and received a warning.

In the next game, he did not stop “shouting” his complaints while the match was being played, probably speaking badly to the referee (not heard in the video), as the referee punished him with a second code violation and point penalty.

That was the point at which Dzumhur could not even restrain himself from staying on the court to fight. The Bosnian left the game, effectively giving up and giving his hand to his opponent, while he turned very aggressively towards the referee and said something to him in his native language. The rumor circulating in the media is that he threatened him with his life – something that Dzumhur categorically denied.

The match was secured by the ATP as the default against Bosnia, precisely because of his withdrawal from the game. ATP clarified this with an official announcement, in which it said that after the point penalty Dzumhur was punished with default because he did not finish the match, without any serious reason (injury, illness or something else).

Dzumhur, however, later told reporters in his mother tongue that he was not expelled: “It is important to make it clear that I was not expelled, I left the court voluntarily. I can not tolerate it when someone wrongs me and treats me badly. “The referee was wronging me all the time with his bad decisions. At 5-5 40-40, it was clear that the ball was out, but he did not react and I lost the game.”

The 28-year-old tennis player denies that he threatened to kill the referee, but he also regretted his behavior: “I honestly do not know where this came from and it was written on the websites. I did not threaten to kill anyone. It is true that I told the supervisor that I wanted to hit him He told me that I would make things worse and I managed to control myself at that moment, in my nerves, and leave the field. I did not threaten to kill him, I do not know where this came about, especially since there is also video.

In the changeover I told him that I would sue him, because he affected the result of the match. Then he gave me the warning. I do not know if he has the right to warn anyone who says such a thing. I was very upset, I got the first point in the next game and I made one more comment, I can not remember what I said. But then the referee said “enough” and I replied that I would decide when to stop talking. Then he gave me the point penalty. In my mind, what was happening was a huge injustice. I could not control my nerves and I am sorry for that. I allowed someone to influence me so much because I could not control my emotions. “But they wronged me and hurt me a lot, I insist on that.”

The fine to be imposed on Dzumhur, which amounts to $ 6,500, was announced today. It is also understood that he will lose the cash prize of $ 5,280, which he had secured with the victory he achieved in the 1st qualifying round of the tournament.